Calories Burned

Calculate the Calories Burned By Heart Rate

Burning more calories become easier with a better knowledge of the connection between the heart rate and the metabolism process.

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Calories Burned
These calculations are based on averages.

Fat Burning Zone

The heart rate is essential to how many calories you burn. You should get your heart rate up to about 90-150 bpm.

To get an accurate number of the calories you burn, include your gender, length of exercise and your weight in the calculation. To get the best measurement, enforce interval training.

Let us explain: Start your exercise with short bursts of intense exercises followed by longer intervals of low impact exercises. Studies prove interval training is perfect for overweight individuals struggling to lose weight or maintain a certain body weight.

It’s much faster than some of the other programs that claim to help you lose weight.

30 Minutes of
Fat Calories
Glycogen Calories
Total Calories
Low Intensity Group (50%) 120 80 200
Hight Intensity Group (75%) 140 260 400